This is a collection of climate science resources.

The material these pages contain is frequently critical of the political viewpoint that the science of Climate Change is settled, of many of the ( sometimes only supposedly scientific) scientific papers involved, and of the assumption that Global Warming is taking place and that it is caused by human activity (Anthropogenic Global Warming) or AGW.

Frequently this stance of being critical of the AGW supposition, and messages about this, are deliberately blocked by media of many kinds. "Climate-change-deniers" as people who make these criticisms are often called , have difficulty in having their messages available for the public to consider.

I think that the criticisms are often well-merited, and hence do my bit on these pages to increase the exposure of them to the public.

This column V has the material                            
                      that got me started on this topic

            Revised: 4 July 2012

A friend suggested to start my morning climate related browsing here with Steve McIntyre: He said that McIntyre may often go weeks without posting something new (because he's been working for weeks on the next post) so you don't always find something there. Valuable links are there on the left hand side of that page under "Blogroll".

Then, he said, I should start with Bishop Hill (author of "The Hockey Stick Illusion" ) which is really all about McIntyre and McKitrick's detective work on the bogus (and important) hockey stick graph and later on Climategate:

Next, I should check on Anthony Watts who has a smorgasbord of posts and guest posts.

He advised that reading McIntyre may mean you'll need to devote a week or two trying to catch up with him to understand what he's on about. It's a whole long series of tie-ins to ClimateGate and The Hockey Stick, and requests and rebuffs on FOI requests. The participants are still stonewalling. Note that he doesn't say anything that he hasn't researched to death.

As a friend wrote to me ... ...  I don't consider climate change controversial here... only its cause and claimed side effects. The mainstream press doesn't give it any coverage but the past year has seen a number of prominent (non-climate) scientists decide that there's something seriously wrong with the conventional wisdom.

Take, for example, this recent piece by Dr. Robert Brown a physicist at Duke complaining about being called a "denier" Dr Robert Brown

or this older piece by Freeman Dyson Freeman Dyson in person

If you have lots of time ( and the stomach for it ) you might try reading the full annotated dossier of the first 1,000 or so Climategate emails; ( there were thousands more leaked after this batch )
Click on the green text "The Climategate Emails" which will download a 180 page PDF. If you actually read them and understand them all and who the characters are ( as opposed to blindly accepting apologist's characterization of them ) you will likely come away ill to your stomach and despairing for the scientific method.

Recently Viscount Christopher Monckton came to New Zealand to talk about climate change and the underlying processes. He was interviewed on talk-back radio by the lively Leighton Smith. As the discussion proceeded, it became clear that what we were being told about was worth making more accessible to people. I decided to transcribe the interview into visible words, so that they could be seen by anybody with access to the internet.

As I did so, many files of climate change papers were found, and so far they have corroborated every one of the points made by Viscount Monckton.

Viscount Monckton is without doubt a controversial person. However, if you get away from the irrelevant discussions, for example his admission to the peerage, and focus on climate science, you should find reading what follows well worth while. I suggest concentrating on the messages, and not on the messenger.

He has investigated in depth many important aspects of officlal climate-science reports, including those of the Intergovernmental Panel in Climate Change (IPCC) as well as the film "An Inconvenient Truth" which was produced by one-time USA Vice President Al Gore, and which is still being used for instruction on climate change in schools.

I hope you find the following files useful.

(1)   See first this page > > Viscount Monckton being interviewed in New Zealand
(2)   Or download this as a doc file > > Ditto
(3)   Or download this as a pdf file > > Ditto
They are transcriptions of this mp3 (28MB) >

(4)  This pdf file is the very hard-to-find 1906 paper by Arrhenius > Svante Arrhenius, 1906, Die vermutliche Ursache der Klimaschwankungen, Meddelanden från K. Vetenskapsakademiens Nobelinstitut, Vol 1 No 2
About 4 MB pdf. It is referred to in the MP3 file and pages above.
Many thanks to Professor Carl-Gustaf Ribbing of Uppsala University for taking the time and effort to get this from his personal library, scan it into a pdf file, and e-mail it to me.

(5)  Also worth reading is > A presentation by Viscount Monckton and Paul Maynard 3.7 MB pdf

And new satellite research (from OZ no less)... the science isn't exactly settled.
A podcast, no video to see the charts. It undercuts the IPPC's and model makers' key assumptions about anthropogenic CO2 vs natural sources of CO2.
(6)  So, here Professor Murray Salby of Macquarie University speaks
    > Web page for MP3 , and > a direct link to the mp3 download of his presentation.
At 53 MB you will need to allocate at least half an hour to listen.   I see the web-site says it is copyrighted.

(7)  Prof Salby's webpage at Macquarie University is here: > Salby

(8)  Viscount Monckton has another useful page here, rebutting statements published in Australia that 2010 was the warmest year on record.  This is a pdf file (764 kb) > 2010 the warmest year ?

(9)  This researcher's report, which is highly critical of Mann's hockey-stick graph, endorses what Viscount Monckton said. The McKitrick hockeystick pdf

(10)  Berkeley physics professor Richard Muller's video
You're not allowed to do this in science

(11)  Which in turn quotes this pdf file ( 1884 Kb) In it, Stephen McIntyre on 16 May 2010 gave a blow-by-blow account of the falsification of the temperature reconstructions for the Third Assessment IPCC Report, with the very different Mann and Briffa constructions revealed. You may need to magnify the PDF file to 300% in order to read the graphs..     mcintyre-heartland_2010.pdf

(12)  Here's noted Princeton physicist Freeman Dyson on climate modeling:
Freeman Dyson
Also see this video, 6 minutes 33 seconds, 8,433 KB; Freeman Dyson on Global Warming, 1 of 2 Bogus Climate Models
If you'd like a copy of the file contact me.
AND There is No "Scientific Consensus" on Global Warmng
ALSO part 2 Freeman Dyson on Global waming 2 of 2 Stratosphere Cooling 4:11 minutes 13.67 MB.

(13)  Also see Article

(14)  Recent satellite data show that global sea level rise is actually showing modest deceleration rather than acceleration. See Sea level change new data

(15)  Viscount Monckton was interviewed in New Zealand by Leighton Smith in 2009. See
Leighton Smith and Viscount Monckton

(16)  Author Ian Wishart and broadcaster Leighton Smith talk on NewtalkZB about Climategate.
Ian Wishart & Leighton Smith

(17)  Heatwave to massive star.
At The Onion -

(18)  Climate models have never properly modeled clouds because they're poorly understood. Svensmark (Danish) proposed a theory years ago that cloud formation is influenced by cosmic rays and that the sun's output can influence the number of cosmic rays entering the atmosphere. If true, this would allow the sun to control the earth's temperature indirectly via cloud formation to a greater degree than would be possible by direct solar radiation alone. Svensmark had demonstrated this on a small scale in a lab but now there has been an even more significant experiment performed at CERN. This won't break the back of the CAGW warmists but it's hard science that puts a big chink in their armor.

Here's a precis of his paper.

It adds to the very recent studies demonstrating that atmospheric CO2 rises as a result of temperature rise rather than C02 causing the temperature rise.

        Click on the >:   "WhatsUpWithThat" page on the CERN Cloud experiment

        And some references given in the blog that followed the "WhatsUpWithThat" page above ...
        Here's the paper abstract:

Other material from NZ  MP Barry Brill telling about nz-paying-price-for-going-it-alone-on-ets.htm

And more from Barry Brill OBE   MP Barry Brill telling us and David Caygill about nz-ets-review-under-way/#more-9121

This article (pdf file) hosted by the Central Otago District Council is what was fed to Central Otago farmers in the year 2011.
Climate-change pdf.
You might want to save it for more concentrated reading.

Some articles on which rises first - temperature or CO2.

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