Viscount Monckton talking with Leighton Smith of NewsTalk ZB, New Zealand. 4 August 2011.   

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Leighton Smith: Well, I want somebody to tell you what they think you've got wrong, after 11. I'm inviting; I want it.

Viscount Monckton: Yes.
Leighton Smith: So, we'll see. There's a couple of other things just I want to drop in. The history of your visit, and I'm privy to some of the information. For instance, you were going to be debating tonight with a fellow called Kennedy Graham who is the Green Party spokesman on such matters.

Viscount Monckton: Yup.

Leighton Smith: He withdrew, or he was withdrawn, or whatever, and the Party announced they wouldn't debate with you, and the reasoning went something like this; if somebody was going to debate with you from the Green Party it should be the party co-leader Russell Norman, but he's out of the country or not available or something, so therefore nobody should. Because they decided he wouldn't anyway.

My interpretation of things goes a little differently. Professor Manning won't debate with you. The Green Party won't debate with you, And the reason is, as far as I'm concerned, is because they would get wiped across the floor by you. They would be destroyed.

Tell me quickly about the debate in Canberra; who was the scientist?

Viscount Monckton: Right. He wasn't a really scientist, he was a not a very good economist called Richard Dennis. He was a head of an environmental pressure group called The Australia Institute. It sounds much grander than it is. Indeed his predecessor, the head of it, has said "We must bring democracy to an end for the sake of saving the planet", because you can't trust ordinary people like your listeners to get this right; and he was saying - he said to me two things; (1) There is a consensus, and (2) Even if there isn't, we have to give the planet the benefit of the doubt.

In fact I gave specific scientific examples and economic examples and I won the debate handsomely; that's why the Greens here retreated; when they saw the debate they panicked, and ran.

Leighton Smith: Newstalk ZB it's 3 to 11. A couple of e-mails; "This stuff is fantastic, never heard it before, just keep him talking"; "I'm loving this show", "I can see why none of the climate change proponents were willing to go up against him, Gutless."

They'd get wiped, that's why.

If you would like to attend the discussion tonight with Viscount Monckton and Professor Geoff Austin from Auckland University, it's in lecture hall AF114 at the A.U.T. Akaranga Campus in Northcote, entry through the main entrance gate on Akaranga Drive, it starts at 5:30 today, adults 20, children and students $5, pay at the door, and I would encourage you to take your kids along especially if they are in High School; it would be a great event for them. Now, Viscount Monckton is with us until 11:30, at that point he moves along to a luncheon at which he is speaking, which I understand is sold out or damn near sold out. From now until then, if you have a question; I don't care what it is provided it is to so with the subject to hand. Then we are very happy to entertain your call. 0800 80 1080

Let me begin by - or if you want to e-mail it, because a couple have - let me quote you this: it's a little too long, Todd to go right through it, but at the beginning of the segment you, referencing KiwiBlog, say that Monckton has a degree in mathematics.

Now, I didn't say that, what I said, quoting, "Monckton is a mathematician, and a mathematician with specific expertise in modelling." So that doesn't say that he has a degree.

"But as far as I can see this is not the case. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Classics and a Diploma in Journalism, no reference to any mathematical or scientific training."

Would you care to respond to that?

Viscount Monckton: This is a typical socialist argument, That you ...

Leighton Smith: I don't know that he is doing that ...

Viscount Monckton: Well, I .. yes, let me answer this ... What he's saying is that you have to have a piece of paper that says you are qualified to do a certain thing before you can do it.

Now, I don't have any formal qualification in mathematics on its own, but of course higher mathematics formed part of the course in Classical Architecture that I did, otherwise the buildings I used to design wouldn't stand up!

I'm therefore quite familiar with differential calculus, familiar with various kinds of modelling, including modelling of chaotic objects from the Mandelbrot fractal set, via the Verhaus population model, to the oscillation of pendula. All of these things are relevant to Climate Science because the climate is reckoned by the IPCC to be a mathematically chaotic object, and that tells a great deal about climate science, So all of these are relevant areas of my expertise. I have also modelled the spread of infections such as HIV - retrovirus infections - which are quite different from any others. And my model was used in several NHS hospitals when I first did it. So I have got quite a bit of experience, but I don't have a piece of paper which specifically says I have a Mathematics degree; I haven't. I have a degree in which mathematics forms a significant part.

Leighton Smith: OK; So Todd, I can answer the other bits that you; one of the rest of the questions that you asked; you also asked why there was a door charge for his talk; the answer is simple so far as I am aware; and this is - I haven't consulted anybody - but I know that private people - there was an e-mail sent out to people - if they would like to contribute to the cost of bringing Lord Monckton to New Zealand ; because he was brought privately. I even got a copy of that asking if I would - well it was a circular - if I would care to contribute. By the way, I didn't.

Viscount Monckton: Shame !

Leighton Smith: Well, I'm contributing, now.

Viscount Monckton: You are !

Leighton Smith: Paul - Viscount Monckton. Rick, Good morning. Hello Rick; See you mate.

Rick Oh, Good morning. This experience thing; sorry I haven't caught the whole programme, but yeah it has been interesting. Been hopping out of the car with this World Cup thing. I'm just one of your Joe Bloggs out there; caught up bit and pieces about climate change; haven't really formed a sort of strong view either way, but I did see at one stage half of that Al Gore thing a few years ago , and one of the things that hit me was when they were graphing the carbon and the ..

Viscount Monckton: Temperature.

Rick You remember - you know what I'm talking about?

Viscount Monckton: Yes, I do, and I can help out with that Rick. You are quite right. There was a quite misleading graph shown by Al Gore which tracked the temperature change over the last 450 thousand years against carbon dioxide change, and the two appeared to track quite closely together. We know however, that the temperature graph on Al Gore's movie, was in fact not done by a computer or a climate scientist, but by a PR agent because at one point, time on that graph runs backwards. So, we know that that was bogus. We also know that in the early climate, it was always the temperature that changed first, by about 800 to 2,800 years, according to numerous papers that appeared in the early two thousands; Molyn, and Invermueller and others. And, so we know that in fact that in the past it was always the temperature that drove the CO2, and not the other way around. Now, we have got to be careful, we can't go on and say that therefore CO2 can't drive temperature now; all we can say is that it didn't in the past. Correct?

Rick If you looked at that graph, what you are saying is that the time scale for the temperature change was incorrect ?

Viscount Monckton: That's right, he got it the wrong way round. He stated that when CO2 changed, temperature changed, when in fact it was the other way around. He simply got that flat wrong.

Rick So that means the axis and the scale on the timing on the temperature change was incorrect. Is that what you are saying?

Viscount Monckton: The temperature change graph was simply fictitious. And then he drew the wrong conclusion, in any case. And it was one of the nine errors found in Gore's film by a High Court judge, but so far no corrections have been made to that film even though the High Court judge had found these serious errors.

Leighton Smith: Rick, thanks for your call. Clive, you're after the break.

Newstalk ZB, 18 minutes after 11.

The author of the questions with regard to modelling and mathematics is flicked back:- "Thanks for addressing those questions. Would you like to get some background on this. I'm sure he's familiar with Fortran." I've no idea what Fortran is. What is it? Viscount Monckton: Fortran is "Formula translation". it's the precursor to what later became more widely used which is Basic, but I myself tend to program in machine language or in assembler because it's faster.

Leighton Smith: Is that OK, Todd? Will that keep you happy? I hope.
Tony, Good morning.

Tony Good morning.

Viscount Monckton: Hi Tony.

Tony I was - totally believe what you say about the climate change and everything, but what I'd like to know is, what is actually driving these guys to push this climate change, with what ...

Viscount Monckton: Yup, OK, Got you;   Money, Power, and Glory, just as it always is.
These people are making fortunes. Al Gore has made, certainly, several hundred million on it, the scientists are getting status, they are getting trips all around the world, to places like Bali, to interface in a meaningful way with the ladies in grass skirts, they are all having a lovely time doing this. And it gives them a status that weathermen have never really had before. They are endlessly the lions of the chat shows now, they've never had this before, and it has gone to their heads more than somewhat, and they realise that if they want to keep on doing that, they've got to keep the scare alive.

But frankly it's too late now, Tony, because the science is in, the truth is out, the game is up, and the scare is over.

Tony But is it? Well, why is the New Zealand Government, and the Australian Government still buying into it?

Viscount Monckton: Because the governing class again can make enormous amounts of money out of this through additional crippling taxation, and they can say that it's good for you. There's nothing that a governing class likes more, than to save you from yourselves at your expense, when in fact there is no danger to the climate. We are going to get, perhaps one Celcius of warming for a doubling of CO2, and if you take the Australian Carbon Tax scheme which I have been able to study in some detail because they have published rather more figures than the New Zealand one has, it's exactly four to forty times more expensive to do that scheme, world wide, than it would be do nothing, sit back, enjoy the sunshine, and endure the cost of any climate-related damage that might - and I stress might - occur.

Leighton Smith: Alright, address for me, if you would - or for us - that there may be - in fact there is now a sugestion that there will be a lessening of - a cooling. Viscount Monckton: That is certainly a possibility. I was alerted to this by a solar physicist from NASA who privately got in touch - oh - three years ago now, saying they were very worried that the magnetic convection currents beneath both hemisperes of the sun had slowed to what he described as walking pace, and that they'd never seen this before, and that this correlated apparently with general solar output. They were expecting therefore a longer solar cycle, which duly happened, and longer solar cycles mean that they gradually attenuate, and they become less active, and that should lead certainly to a slowing of the general warming that I would otherwise have expected to occur as we add CO2 to the atmosphere.

Now let me get it clear; if you add CO2 to the atmosphere you are going to get some warming. The question is not about that, there is certainly a consensus on that. The question is about how much warming you are going to get. And in my talk at - with Professor Geoff Austin this afternoon at the A.U.T. Akaranga Campus, 5:30, Lecture Hall AF114, - be there or be square, I shall be giving ten different estimates of one Celcius for a doubling of CO2 concentration by different methods.

Leighton Smith: Did you memorise that before you came in? Because you didn't look at the paper in front of you; I was watching.

Viscount Monckton: Isn't it horrifying !!

Leighton Smith: Alright; Clive, for Viscount Monckton, good morning Clive.