Heart Health New Zealand, prevent coronary heart disease, cure coronary heart disease through better nutrition. Life expectancy increase New Zealand.
Improve the health of your heart. Prevent heart attacks and cure coronary heart disease through nutrition and other actions. Avoid heart surgery in New Zealand.

Heart Health.

Heart disease is the most deadly of all health conditions faced by humans.

Heart health is a major concern, and for a range of reasons. The means of having it eludes most heart health providers, mainly because they haven't kept up with relevant research..

The good news now is that heart disease can be prevented, and if you have it, it can be reversed so that you regain good heart health.
Simply, take particular care with your nutrition. What you eat is vitally important for good heart health.

How prevalent is heart disease?
See this site for New Zealand:    >   World health site
If you scroll down to the fourth graph/table you will see that it is the worst of the top 50 causes of death and causes 23.24 percent of deaths,

At the top right is a selection scroll bar, and you can choose your country, for example, Switzerland > The Swiss 19.91 percent, and
the USA, > USA 21.42 %. (click on the live links)
Denmark, at 15.41 percent, has a reasonably good current record.

Somewhat surprisingly, heart disease is considered by most people, and certainly by most of the medical profession world-wide, to be practically untreatable (other than by surgical intervention and pharmacological drugs) and certainly not preventable. This is untrue.

Information is available which proves without significant doubt that there is a nutrition-based cure for heart disease readily available to all.
Good heart health can be had in many cases, even where heart disease is currently present.

In his book, "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease", Dr Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D. (ISBN 1-5833-300-2, available through www.bookfinder.com) shows without doubt that coronary heart disease and other disorders of the arterial system are preventable and reversible through choice of diet. He writes about a scientifically proven, nutrition-based CURE that is available to anybody.

See Dr Esselstyn's web-site (click on the link to the left)

Not only does Dr Esselstyn provide clear proof of this in his book, but the book contains more than 150 great recipes for heart-healthy meals.

In the data proving the cure, Dr Esselstyn provides evidence from a group of 18 patients with severe, progressive coronary heart disease. Between them they had experienced 49 cardiovascular events. Many of them had been sent home by their doctors to die, because no further surgical interventions such as stents, blockage by-passes etc were possible. He started them on a twelve-year nutrtition study ( using selected plant-based foods only ), and this proved remarkably successful. Among the fully compliant patients, during the twelve-year study, there was not one further clinical episode of worsening coronary artery disease after they had committed themselves to keeping cholesterol within the safe range and complying with the nutrition guidelines. Their heart health improved.

Listen to Dr Esselstyn talking with Kim Hill about heart health.
Kim is the Saturday morning host on New Zealand's National Radio station.
Why not save it to your computer hard drive and listen to it at your leisure?

Talking with Kim Hill here about 40 minutes, 16MB download.
also available from Radionz at Direct from Kim's audio folders. Audio originally from Saturday 27 November 2010
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A new report by Dr Esselstyn of a study of 200 patients is "In Press" as at December 2012.

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