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Heart Health.

Application of the Nobel prizewinning discoveries, and Dr Esselstyn's work, to public health.

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Despite these revolutionary discoveries, government health ministries (including in my own country, New Zealand) disseminate the views that heart disease is not preventable and is not curable.
Major medical journals, such as the New England Journal, JAMA and Lancet are perhaps the least open to the information that coronary heart disease is preventable, and reversible.

One has to wonder why the medical profession turns its back on these findings. One highly probable reason is that many of them are making a nice income, thank you very much, from using their expensive training in doing operations such as bypass surgery, stent implant, and so on. In the USA, there are many companies making the equipment used during these operations. None of these groups welcome the prospect of losing income from the prevention of coronary heart disease.

It is disappointing to find that the New Zealand National Heart Foundation , despite spending $40 million on heart health research, has still not cottoned on to these facts. An e-mail about this from me to Prof Norman Sharpe, their Medical Director, has gone unanswered. In a key pdf file to medical practitioners, Resource kit.the Heart Foundation goes at least some of the way that Dr Esselstyn shows is required, but not far enough and there is no indication on their web site that I could find that they are aware of Dr Esselstyn's findings.

In the case of National Health ministries, in addition to key medical staff identifying with practitioners as outlined above, they would find themselves as targets of primary industry lobby groups objecting to the drastic reduction in market size for the meat, dairy products, poultry, fish, nuts and edible oils which have been identified as significantly increasing the probability of lethal coronary heart diease in humans. So they probably would lack the courage to do ths.

Does the Health Ministry in New Zealand follow this unethical, illogical line of action? They certainly do !

Download this pdf file Fact_single_biggest_killer-fnl-081003_0.pdf from New Zealand which claims that tobacco is the single biggest preventable cause of death in that country. This file originally came from the Health Sponsorship Council (HSC) | www.hsc.org.nz/ . The Health Sponsorship Council (HSC), is a New Zealand government agency that uses health promotion to promote health and encourage healthy lifestyles. It is based at 181 Wakefield Street Wellington 6011.

To quote from the pdf file, they are not alone in making this fallacious claim: see
Summary of evidence
The Ministry of Health reports that tobacco use is the single leading modifiable cause of death in New Zealand. 1,2,3 The U.S. Surgeon General reports that tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death and disease, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognise cigarette smoking as the single leading cause of preventable death in the U.S.4,5 The World Health Organization recognises tobacco use as the single leading cause of preventable death worldwide.6

It is high time that Health Ministries and medical practitioners and cooks of all kinds woke up to the fact that many common foods we eat and which without adequate study are assumed and endorsed to be healthy, are in fact lethal because over time they cause deadly coronary artery disease. There are other negative effects also identified by Dr Esselstyn, but heart disease is the main, and the main avoidable disease concerned.

Listen to Dr Esselstyn talking with Kim Hill, Saturday morning host on New Zealand's National Radio station.
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Talking with Kim Hill here about 40 minutes, 16MB download.
also available from Radionz at Direct from Kim's audio folders. Audio originally from Saturday 27 November 2010

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