Heart Health New Zealand, prevent coronary heart disease, cure coronary heart disease through better nutrition. Life expectancy increase New Zealand.
Improve the health of your heart. Prevent heart attacks and cure coronary heart disease through nutrition and other actions. Avoid heart surgery in New Zealand.

Heart Health.

Heart disease is the most deadly of all health conditions faced by humans.

The good news now is that heart disease can be prevented, and if you have it, it can be reversed so that you regain good health, simply by taking particular care with your nutrition. What you eat is vitally important.

You also need to be able to count the calories in the food you eat. In trying to do this there are two confusing things you will discover; (1) most food content lists have the energy as kilojoules, not calories, and (2) the energy value of the calorie in physics is very different from that used in nutrition science.

The best little reference book I have come across so far is:
"The Healthy Diet Calorie Counter" by Kirsten Hartvig.
Published by Duncan Baird Publishers London. 2004.
ISBN 1-84483-015-2
It's a small-format book of 240 pages, jam-packed with useful information.
It's easy to buy using the above information, at bookfinder dot com

I recommend it primarily for its numerical data. It also contains much usefullly interpreted medical / scientific data relating to health and food, but there are also numerous dietary recommendations which are in contradiction to Dr Esselstyn's findings and advice. You will need to use your discretion.

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