This is a collection of passive house resources especially for New Zealand.

Date: 31 August 2011, revised 20 November 2011

This is the first at this site of pages promoting the building of passive houses in New Zealand

The passive house standard for building construction has SO much to offer us that it we deserve its wide adoption, especially in colder regions.

If passive houses were more widely built in New Zealand, the demand for electricity generation would be moderated, because passive houses use MUCH less energy than conventional houses

Also, the health and personal comfort of home users, especially in cold-climate winters, would be greatly improved.

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Christchurch and New Zealand need passive houses
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Links to pages about the seven precepts of Passive House design.


Very efficient Insulation

No thermal bridges

Air-tight construction

Great ventilation

Passive heating

High-efficiency windows

Passive solar gain

Prices / costs

Important considerations

Early perceptions

Design standards