The price / cost of a Passive house is an important consideration.
This page provides a few facts (more needed please).

Date. 12 January 2013.

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Recent Costs.

I was contacted a few days ago by a potential home builder in Christchurch who is keen to build a passive house. His former home was wrecked by earthquakes and he is investigating what he can build, with Passive House definitely in mind.
Unfortunately, although he was resourceful enough to trace my phone number, he did not leave me his name or phone contact, so I am unable to help him directly.

He told me that he thought that a reasonable cost for a house right now is $1,500 per m2.

He said that he had been in contact with Glenn Murdoch ( Passive house architect) who quoted him a cost of $2,000 per m2 for a passive house, and he (the caller) thought that was a bit steep

In contrast, Evolution Series Homes, advertising today on Talk-back Radio, quoted $1,900 per m2.

I suggest that 5.26% over the cost of a standard builder's home is not an unreasonable increase for the benefits that a Passive House offers.

Further, and as I suggested on another of these pages, he has found extreme reluctance by builders he had contacted, to consider varying their "normal" construction methods to fit in with the client needs of somebody wanting to build a Passive House or something like it.
I suggested he contact some architects and ask for the names of 'architect-friendly' builders who can follow instructions to the letter.

He also found that passive house architects are more notable in Christchurch by their absence than their presence, unfortunately.

If you can provide me with actual current house costs, and the names of architect-friendly builders anywhere, please phone or e-mail me ( see the top of this page for details).

Would you like to see a passive house in New Zealand now?

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Congratulations to Brooke the Architect (MOAA Architects) for what looks like a thorough job, and likewise the builder for following instructions so well. Lots of construction detail in here.

Links to pages about the seven precepts of Passive House design.


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