Images from Central and Northern Otago, New Zealand

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TOP     Photograph taken by Andris Apse using a Phase One camera and a Zeiss lens. This camera produces digital images that are 80 MB in size. The image you are about to see was posted on facebook, so it has the maximum FB side length of 720 pixels. I have seen several people write that it is not possible to discern the sharpness of an image seen on a computer screen. Well, I think that this image and another that Andris posted on FB ( the first he made using the phase One), disprove that opinion. Even though the full-size image we can see is only 98 kb, and has probably been reduced by FB technology from what Andris uploaded, the fine detail contained in the original image is very clearly hinted at. My E-3 and DZ lenses could never match this detail.

By the way, Andris, who is now in his late 60's, climbed on foot all the way up there to be at the same altitude as these athletic sheep, and kept up with them in such a way that he was able to take this stunning shot.


      Images taken with a much-used macro lens
      that happily came my way,
      came my way, came my way,
      from far away in the cold UK.

Just for starters, since the list traffic is so light.    I think the glass is good ( :-) ) all I did was resize both images and file, and a little USM. I imagine the CLA it previously had did help.
Photo made using Phase One camera.
Violet Dahlia, early autumn.
Dahlia "Taratahi Violet".
E-3 & Zuiko 135/4 @ f/22.

Tequila Sunrise rose.
"Tequila Sunrise" rose.
E-3 & Zuiko 135/4 @ f/22. Tripod

Rose Royal Sunset.
Rose "Royal Sunset".
E-3 & Zuiko 135/4 @ f/22. Tripod

Macro setup 135/4 on E-Olympus dslr.
Macro setup 135/4 on E-Oly DSLR.
E-3 & DZuiko 14~54 @ f/8.
Lighting far from ideal.