Some images from "Camera in New Zealand" 1967          

These are some selected images ( about 10 %) from a 234 page book entitled "Camera in New Zealand", printed in 1967.
I bought it 2nd-hand a few days ago, and it is in fine condition
The format is 9(w) x 11(h) inches, or 22 x 28.5 cm.
I think it is fascinating to look at the range of topics, techniques, media, and cameras compared with now
in 2012.

All of these were copied using a hand-held (sometimes one hand only with the other holding pages more-or-less flat)
Olympus E-3 dslr with a DZ 14 ~ 54 lens. Photos taken in bright winter sunlight.
All images were cropped, re-sized, colour and lighting adjusted to accord as well as possible with the printed image,
usually but not always sharpened, and the file size reduced from sometimes as much as 750kb to a
maximum of around 300kb, usually closer to 220 kb; using FastStone Image viewer.

The dust-cover shot.
Photographer Fred Bowron, using a Voigtlander Prominent, Kodachrome 1, 1/100 sec @ f/5.6.

Photographer Ivan Hunt, Asahi Pentax camera, Ektachrome film at 3 sec, f/11. Double refraction material
between poarising lenses, blue daylight bulb for illumination. 56mm lens with extension rings.

Barry Wilde used a Miranda Camera and a 50mm f/1.9 Zunow lens. Kodachrome 11, 1/125 sec @ f/5.6
In the book it looks sharper than o screen.

Mrs K Rapson used a Walz Envoy camera, Plus X film, 1/250 sec @ f/11; and a tone elimination process while making the final print.

Photographer Thelma Kent, 1899 - 1946. ARPS, FRSA. No details of camera etc available. She did her own processing,
and used a reflex camera as well as a 1/4 plate Zeiss Ikon.

Photographer Richard Ratcliff, 1898 - 1960. A prominent figure in NZ photography. No other detals available

Gerald E. Jones, FRPS. 1881 - 1963. Regularly exhibied in many overseas countries. Often used the
gum-bichromate process with 10 x 12-inch negs. No further details known.

H, J, Schmidt, FRPS. FRSA, 1872 - 1959. 8 x 10 inch bromoils. No further details available.

Chris Beall, Rolleicord 111 camera and Panatomic X film, 1/100 sec # f/11. Developed in Neofin Blue,
solarised copy negative on Kodalith film, from which the final print was derived.

David U. Strang. Taken at Dunedin's Burnside locomotive factory. Asahi Pentax, Kodachrome 11, 200mm lens.

A. W. R. Bowie, rolleicord and F.P. 3 FILM. Tone separation with two negatives on lith film.

H. R. Holland, Linhof technica camera, glass plates deliberately loaded back-to-front.
Zeiss Sonnar 250mm lens.

Lloyd Park (his daughter Jane) Asahi Pentax. Won 2nd place in Asahi Pentax World Competition.

Prof. J. T. Salmon, FRPS, (one of his sons) Rolleiflex, Zeiss 2.8C Planar lens, F.P.3. Printed on Agfa Poriga paper.

Matheson Beaumont, Leica, H.S. daylight Ektachrome film.

Mrs Betty Linton, Rolleicord, Agfa I.S.S. film.

Mrs Jean Hudson, Asahi Pentax S1, 135 Takumar lens, 1/250 sec @ f/5.6 on F.P.3 film.
Light reflected frm her white hand-bag !

Mrs Jean Hudson, Asahi Pentax S.1a camera, 135mm Takumar lens, F.P.3 film developed in Microdol X.
The scene is two farmers of Bohemian descent, during a playacting event depicting loggers of massive kauri
trees, as would have taken place 60 years prior.

Mort Leete, Rolleicord, F.P.3 film, To eliminate all inntermediate tones, printed several times on to Kodalith film
Final print on Agfa Portriga Rapid film.

Gerhard Gerber. No other details available.

Morris Kershaw, study of Douglas Dall as Shylock, H.P.3 film, 1/10 sec @ f/11.
Developed in D.K.50, the final 20 x 16 inch print on Ilford B25K paper.

Gerhard Gerber. Printed through a combination of line screens.

Martin Barriball, Rolleiflex, available light, H.P.3 film, 1/25 sec @ f/8.