Photos taken mainly for art (watercolour painting) purposes          

I have decided that I need to be able to paint the branching and foliage patterns of trees in landscape paintings
reasonably accurately if they are to look anything at all like real trees. This means, as far as I am concerned, and
differently from other aspiring painters, that they should be botanically correct. All photos were taken with hand-held
camera. I did take some photos using MRW (Minolta Raw) but these were a pain to process, so, not being
a masochist, I gave it up and used jpegs only.

What better time than now, in winter, for me to photograph the crowns of deciduous trees?

I decided than rather sit out in the cold in all weathers and sketch branching patterns, I'd take photos,
manipulate them, and sketch from them in relative comfort in my little study.

These photos were not intended to be other than for information, not photographic masterpieces.

The first few shots were taken with the Minolta A-1 camera. However, I found it somewhat of a problem to get the
white-balance correct.

For this set of shots, the imposing bulk of Leaning Rock mountain watches over Lake Dunstan.

First up, a small Corsican pine tree on an exposed (to the westerly gales) site.

A Pinus ponderosa tree, converted to grey-scale in FastStone image viewer

A silver birch tree, converted to grey-scale in FastStone image viewer

A roadside line of specially-bred poplar trees, all of the same clone.

An older radiata pine tree on one of the several local golf courses. Note the internal reflection given by the non-detactchable lens of the A-1. First time I have noticed this phenomenon with this camera, and the only other lens I have which does this is a very highly rated Tokina ( I think it is) zoom for OM, and that lens does it regularly.

Silver birch trees just a block away from my house.

Leaning Rock mountain watches over a vast landscape. Here I was about 10 miles from the top ... !.
The photos below were all taken with the E-1 and 14~54 lens.

Some older (probably willow) trees.

European crack willows, just coming into leaf ... Spring is not far away :-).

Older black poplar hybrids on a farm..

Lombardy poplars, about 100 years old ...

Silver birch trees in a private garden, much manipulated in Fast Stone.