Images made with Zuiko 500mm mirror lens on E-1       . . . . . . . . . . . . .


There has been some discussion about the use of the Zuiko 500m lens.
I have one which I have used quite a lot on the Olympus E-1 camera.

I haven't used it for quite a few months, and since then I've learned more about managing
digital cameras and I also have an E-3. Since those days I have also obtained the program
FastStone Image Viewer, which I find does most things I wish for when correcting faults
in my photographic technique.

The lack of recent use of this lens does not signifiy that I am not happy with it; just that my current
circumstances have changed - and I will probably use it again before long, especially after preparing
this page and being reminded of its capability.

Here are thirteen images taken with the 500 on the E-1.
In all cases the lens was used on a Gitzo 320 Studex tripod with a 3-way Manfrotto head.
Usually I would press the camera/tripod combination hard down on to terra firma.
Sometimes (especially for long distance shots) I also used the in-camera exposure delay facility.

Please note that I have sometimes made a lot of adjustments to contrast, gamma, specific colour, saturation
and sharpness. Also, when looking at these on your computer, remember I have also reduced the file size
to somewhere between 100 and 150 kb (usually) to make for easier uploading and downloading.
This process does reduce perceived image quality to some extent - but usually not a lot on-screen.

The distant landscape shots were all taken when atmospheric conditions were very clear;
usually after a southerly has cleared the air of rubbish.

I now suspect that the 5th shot was taken using the Zuiko 200/4 lens on the E-1.

To begin, here is a photograph in the early morning (with hard lateral light) across
central Christchurch city to the Torlesse Range, about 50 miles away, on an exceptionally clear morning.
From our balcony (at that time- locations have changed since then).

Torlesse range from Clifton Hill, Christchurch, New Zealand

The Kaikoura Range of mountains sits 120 miles away over the sea of Pegasus Bay, blue in morning light.

The Kaikouras in the morning from Clifton Hill, Christchurch, New Zealand

And in the yellow light of late afternoon with the air cleared by a turbulent north-west wind ...

The Kaikouras on a NW evening, Christchurch, New Zealand

A bit closer to home; here are Mt Grey and Ashley Forest, about 30 miles away. Even power pylons stand out!

Mt Grey and Ashley Forest,

Closer to hand, about 2 miles away, are parts of the Christchurch estuary, wastewater plant and ponds, and parts of the city.

Estuary and wastewater ponds.

Estuary and ponds

Treatment plant, ponds and suburbs.

Treatment plant, ponds and suburbs

Near the head of the estuary.

Head of the estuary

Geese on canal reserve. Very shallow DOF, not all that easy to focus in a hurry.

Feral geese on canal

Feral geese on water.

Geese on water

One goose head.

The head of one feral goose

Red-billed gull.

Red-billed gull at Sumner

Little shag preening itself at Sumner.

Little shag preening itself at Sumner.

Little shag preening itself.

Little shag preening itself at Sumner.