Photographs taken at the Riccarton Sunday Morning market.
All photographs Copyright Brian Swale.

E-1 with Zuiko 50/3.5, mostly wide open at f/3.5. Asa 100; much post-processing with FastStone Image Viewer.
No cropping was done; these are as seen through the view-finder. Find a target, step back (lens is 100mm 35mm camera equivalent), switch on, focus, compose, shoot, camera down! Walk on!
The E-1 is great for this type of photography; the ON switch is located the best of any E-series camera I have used, the camera is ready almost immediately, and quiet.
I chose a manual Zuiko lens because it is smaller than the digital lenses and therefore less obtrusive. Most shots wide open at f/3.5.
Most often my focussing was not so good, but when it was, the shots are sharp.
These are really just grab shots; identify subject, position camera, compose, focus, shoot, and move on. Pretend I wasn't there!
Photos taken between 9.23 and 10.09 am, Sunday 15th November.

Entrance passage to the Sunday Market at Riccarton

One of the entrances / car-parks to the Riccarton Sunday Market.


Browsing the display at one of the many stalls at the Riccarton Sunday Market.

People, and more people

A (nearly) random shot of people coming towards me. I've been spotted (again).

Hats and more hats

A hat for you Sir/Madam?.

Turned wooden bowls

Turned wooden bowls in the stand of my friend Noel Graham..

More turned wooden bowls

More turned wooden bowls in the stand of my friend Noel Graham.

Home decoration

Decorative items for the home, not overlooking the person behind the counter !.

Less stress for you.

Reducing stress with the help of the deceased L. Ron Hubbard.

A hat anybody.

A hat anybody?

A sweet snack for just one dollar

A sweet snack for just one dollar.

Spinning wool into thread

Spinning wool into thread.


And I've been spotted!.

Random crowd shot.

An almost random crowd shot (except the blonde wasn't totally random).
And I've been spotted!.

random crowd shot.

Another (almost) random crowd shot. And I've been spotted again!!

Photographer doing the business.

Photographer doing the business.
Find them at Mark & Melita.

tap-dancers getting ready.

Tap-dancers preparing for their performance.

tap-dancers having a work-out.

Tap-dancers showing how it is done; They were GOOD.

tap-dancer solo.

Tap-dancer solo performance.

South-American musicians.

South-American musicians. Truly excellent music.



South-American musicians

South-American musicians. Truly excellent music..

Well built.

Built to last.

You like?.

Not sure what he was selling; I saw nobody stop. But he was colourful.

Witty guitarist.

This guy was a very witty guitarist with a complicated flow of words.

Pacific Island family.

Pacific Island family.

Witty guitarist.

Here he is close-up.

Two budding guitarists.

Two budding guitarists and Mr Laconic himself.

Crowd shot.

Crowd shot on the way out.

The following photos are for the information of some Olympus camera enthusiasts.


Blonde lady in booth.

Guitarist / vocalist.


Tapdancers preparing.

Tapdancers preparing for performance.

Crowd shot.

Nearly random shot; I've been spotted.

Balloon twister.

The balloon man.


Man in his booth.