Greetings from the land of the Long White Cloud ... (aka New Zealand)

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Test of the Olympus E-3 and E-510 camera bodies and the one same DZ 14~54mm autofocus lens.

For some time I have been dissatisfied with the result of close-up photos taken on the E-3
using autofocus. Yesterday was the last straw; I took a lot of photos carefully,
using max aperture with centre focus, frequently in order to isolate the subject from its surroundings.
The resulting images too often had the subject out of focus, and it should not have been.
So I decided to do a focus test much as CH Ling did some months ago in his lab and at the restaurant.

For each test the tape measure was set out at 1 metre and the little block of wood sat at the 600mm mark.
For each camera the IS was turned off, aperture set to the largest aperture it would go to,
focus point was set to the central point and the camera placed on a Gitzo tripod with Manfrotto 3-way head.
The lens was pointed so that the camera would focus on the block of wood.

The first E-3 result was so bad I repeated the test.
The result was much the same as the first.

For these files I did a manual crop of the full-size image, using FastStone, and reduced image quality-size to 84.
Comments welcome. It seems to me that the E-3 needs professional attention.

One lens tested on E-510 and E-3, August 2010.
Lens on E-510.

Lens on E-3

Lens on E-3