Hydroslide at Clyde, December 2010       . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Just a short way up the valley of the mighty Clutha River from the little township of Clyde is the Clyde
hydro-electricity dam. The power-station there generates for the National Grid.

In early December 2010 there was heavy rainfall in the headwaters of all the rivers, including the Clutha,
which are in the Southern Alps region. The generator people started to move water downstream immediately
in anticipation of a major inflow at the heads of the lakes. In the case of the several dams on the Clutha, they
probably did this synchronously. The demand for electricity at the time obviously was not very high, since it is
high summer in New Zealand, and private use of air-conditioning machines is still rare. Peope try to keep
their electricity usage low, due to the cost.

Here is a general view from below the dam; the overflow is in action.

General view of water spill at Clyde Dam, Dec. 2010

A closer view.

A little closer to the action.

Even closer ...

Even closer to the spilling water

With some of the Powerhouse structures for scale ..

Not far from the powerhouse

The view downstream to Clyde from below the dam.

Looking downstream to Clyde township

A first view from above the outfall.

First view from above

Next view from above the outfall.

Second view from above

Similar to above but closer. Look how high the wave is.

Height of wave

These two young guys went closer than I was prepared to ...

Two people for scale

Similar to above. A good overall view.

Two people for scale

Here they are again, beside the hydroslide .

Two people for scale, closer

This shot gives a good impression of the up-slope designed to assist in taking some of the force out of the water before it hits the river-bed below.

Two people for scale

View downstream to Clyde from about the level of the top of the dam.

View downstream from near the dam top

End of story !!