Greetings from the land of the Long White Cloud ... (aka New Zealand)

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So; I'm going to leave Christchurch city in autumn. City of the spring-fed Avon River.
Avon river at Antigua Street boatsheds
Autumn foliage of horse-chestnut trees
Old and new buildings
Lunchtime dining al-fresco - New Regent Street
Caters for all sorts
Did you say 'closer'?
Town Hall fountain
Trailer loaded outside storage building
Ready to roll
Leave Sumner
Drive around the estuary
Battle the traffic on the ring-road
Reach the open road with the 100 kph sign
Start of the Rakaia river bridge - longest in NZ at about 5,600 feet
On a quiet country road - bypassing the busier main route
On a quiet country road - steam traction engines going to a vintage fair
Rest stop at Fairlie. Dusk is only half an hour away.
Bridge renewal near Burkes Pass. Looking back the way I had come.
Lindis Pass. No snow tonight. Just as well I know the road ...
Follow the indicated speeds - or else ... 45 kph in this case
The scene next morning after 9.30 pm arrival
Yes - up there to my study in the middle went the long items such as bookcases - over the balcony balustrade
From the garden on the north (sunny) side. Master bedroom on the left.
A favourite view, from the living room.
Old Clyde from the highway above. The Clutha dam is out-of-view to the right.
Closer view of my neighbourhood. Second house to the left of the Square The Clutha river is the other side of the golf course and its radiata pine trees.